Hey guys! I am back with another post! OK so I am a crazy shopaholic and love love love shopping. If you give me an entire day to shop I most definitely will (I know its crazy!). So for today's post I tried something different, something which I have never done before. This time I shopped but in the men's section. Yea this time I am going to be styling three items that I bought from the men's section. Whoever said we women can't slay in men's clothes? I would say men's clothes in a way are real comfy and also look great if styled in a nice way. So i have bought three different items and styled them, let's start.

 For the first item, I bought a yellow hoodie. I got it in the largest size so that I could wear it as a dress. Yea so, my first item that I styled was an oversized hoodie. I paired the hoodie with my black boots, hoop earings and a red and black headband. Overall the look was cute.

For the second item, I bought an oversized green jacket. I have a liking for oversized clothes cause it makes you feel really comfortable. This oversized jacket you can wear with almost anything. I love pairing it with t-shirt dresses. I paired it with this blue t-shirt dress and black boots and hoop earings.

For the third item, I bought a pair of nude colour joggers. They are so soft and can't help obsessing over how comfy they are! With this item I wore a black tank top and paired it with a mustard yellow long duster satin shrug. I am obsessing over the satin duster shrug recently. I got it from a website called Pretty Little Thing and I love it. It is satin and has a luxurious feel to it. I recommend all of you guys to check this website out because it had quite some good stuff and that too at affordable prices.

That was it guys. Hope you all like my post!


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