Hi everyone! Getting ready for our first dates are a big deal for most of us and I understand how you feel. Our first dates are always special and exciting for all of us. From the butterflies in our stomach to the worry  of picking the perfect outfit. We spend most of our time picking the perfect outfit for our perfect date.

 To save some time I have put together three amazing casual outfits to wear on your first dates.

For the first outfit, I wore black floral off shoulder crop top and paired it with a pastel pink coloured pants. I wore block heels and statement earrings. This look has a cute casual and stylish look. You can pair it with any other off shoulder top. I think off shoulder tops are really good to wear on a first date.

For the second outfit, I wore a maroon t-shirt and paired it with striped high waisted shorts. I wore black shoes with it and to accessorise it I wore a striped headband and big hoops. I think this outfit gives a kind of 90s vibe and looks really cool.

For the last outfit, I wore a pretty yellow midi dress and wore orange statement earrings and black shoes. I think this look is really pretty and very carefree. It is also really comfy. Any midi dress would look really pretty for a first date outfit.


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