We women love shopping and we know it. We buy loads of stuff that we like and stuff  that we end up not wearing.we fill up our closet with clothes and then later we search and find no suitable outfit to wear. So, we end up buying more clothes.

Instead of all this hassle and fretting over no clothes, here are some wardrobe staples that every women should have in their wardrobe. These wardrobe staples can be worn in different ways and still look stylish.

                                                              #1 White t-shirt
A white t-shirt is a basic essential. It can be worn as a casual day outfit as well as night outfit just by adding different jackets and shoes

#2 Dark wash Denim Jeans
One can't go wrong with this.It is perfect for every occasions. There are so many types of jeans to choose from and every women deserves to choose their comfort types.

#3 Blazer
Whether it be a formal occasion or casual day out, a blazer always adds a bit of style to any casual outfit.

#4 Black Heels
These black heels are classy and chic. They are perfect for both day and night look. These heels are  really stylish and looks great with any outfit.

#5 Sneakers
Sneakers, a favourite for most of us women. You can wear these with dresses and casual outfits. They look stylish and also keeps you comfortable.

#6 A good Leather Belt
This is a really stylish accessory. A good leather belt is a must have. It adds style to any outfit. Wear it with dresses or jeans. it makes your outfit look even more stylish.

#7 A Stylish Watch
It looks super sexy plus it adds glam to ant outfit you wear with it.

#8 Camisole
Really stylish. You can pair this up with almost anything.


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