Crop tops - we girls love crop tops don't we? It is fashionable, trendy, and casual.We girls may and may not have some trendy pieces in our wardrobe, but we definitely have a crop top in our wardrobe. They are so cute and fun and can be worn in so many different ways - in both summer and winters.

Today, I will be doing a DIY crop top - one which any of you can design in your own way. So all we require for this project are :

  •      an old  pair of leggings or pants (it can be of any colour or pattern, for this project I chose black leggings).
  • scissors
  • some bow stickers (I chose to design my crop top with bow stickers).

Let's start the DIY! 

Step 1 : Fold your leggings/pants in half

Step 2 : Carefully cut a small portion of the crotch area with the scissors

Step 3 : Now after you cut it, you open it o find that it turned into a nice little crop top.

Step 4 : This is the part where you decide its look. You can keep it as it is or you can add any kind of design you want. Here I used little bow stickers and stuck them on in the shape of a heart.

Step 5 : Now you are done with your DIY crop top and now you style it as many ways you like. Here I am wearing it with a pink floral mini skirt.


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