We never know what might happen in our everyday life. We always seem to be in a hurry and are never able to predict what we may suddenly happen to need. From sudden dates, meetings or small problems, we can never know what we might need as an essential.

So, in this post I have come up with a few essentials that we all might end up needing to fix up our small problems. I would recommend all of you to carry these essential items in your bag everyday because you never know when you might need it. Trust me, these are a lifesaver.

 Image result for women's wallet 
A wallet, of course. We all need it. I am sure that none of us wants to leave the house without it!

    Image result for comb
A hairbrush, we all need it. Its always to good to have one in your bag in case you might have a bad hair day or if you want to fix your hair.


Image result for eyeliner
An eyeliner, a sudden glam up for a surprise part or date.

Image result for perfume small
A small travel friendly pocket perfume is just the thing you need. Spray it on in case you have to go out.

Image result for sanitizer
A small sanitizer is very much required in your bags. When you don't have a place to wash your hands, use it.

Image result for safety pins
It is really important to keep a few safety pins in case of any emergency.


Image result for hair tie
I think we all girls can relate to this one! A hair tie is literally our lifesaver. So I think we all should have at least one in our bags.




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