Hi guys I am back! I am sure you all have different types of dresses in your wardrobes. I also know that you all must have at least one t-shirt dress in your wardrobe. T- shirt dresses are also one of those staple pieces that you should have in your wardrobe. OK, so today I am going to talk about how to style the most comfortable dress in 4 different ways. Its amazing how accessories can be used in different ways to style any outfit. Accessories bring any outfit from looking dull,simple and casual to stylish, on-point and trendy. I personally LOVE t-shirt dresses and almost wear them all the time. They are really stylish, easy to style and also very comfortable.

So, let's get started. I am going to show you guys 4 different ways you can style a t-shirt dress for casual wear but in different styles.

For the first style I made the look very casual. I am just wearing the t-shirt dress casually and to keep it real simple I added my favourite cross-body bag and a pair of pink sneakers (though in the pic the colour of the sneakers isn't that visible because of the light).


For the second look, I thought of going all tomboyish. I am wearing the same t-shirt dress but this time I tied a blue plaid shirt at my waist. I also accessorised with a
black hat and sneakers. This look gives me total 'girly-tomboy' vibes (if that is even a thing 😂).


For the third look, I am wearing the same t-shirt dress and this time i am wearing the blue plaid shirt as a blouse on top of the dress and I tied a knot in the middle. To accessorise I added an ethnic necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of black heels. This outfit definitely screams dressy to me.


For the last and fourth style, I did what I do to all my outfits. I added a bit of elegance to the last style. Here as the dress is a bit loose, I added a belt to give it more structure. For accessories, I added a pink baker boy hat, a pair  of gold hoop earings, a black bag and heels. This outfit is of very casual elegance.


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