Do accessories matter? YES! They do matter. Accessories are the most important part of any outfit. Accessories do not necessarily mean just jewellery. Accessories can also be hats, shoes, scarves, gloves, bags, hair pins, belts, sunglasses and hair bands. We can glam up and glam down just about any outfit using accessories.

As much as shopping for clothes is addicting, I would suggest to go shopping for accessories more. You may wear a simple basic outfit, but you can make the basic outfit ready for any occasion just by adding accessories. Invest in the statement accessories that are bold and stand out. Accessories like a pair of neon shoes, a red handbag, immensely big earrings or even a bucket hat, could dress up or dress down any look depending on what kind of look you are going for. There are more accessories to wear based on your mood than there are of clothes.

Clothing items may take up your entire wardrobe, but accessories are the most important things required to complete any outfit. Handbags, hats and scarves may not have much of an impact on their own, but when worn with or added to an outfit, gives the outfit a much more complete and solid look.

We all know that fashion is a way of expressing oneself, accessories when added to these outfits defines our personality through our style. Accessories play a major role in expressing ourselves and defining our own unique style. You find that you are able to wear the same outfit multiple times just by changing the accessories and giving the outfit a new look every time. So go about and play around with different accessories and experiment. Maybe you will end up with a look that you get completely obsessed with, you never know!


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