There has been this outrage as to whether shoes and the bag should match or not while putting together an outfit. Shoes and bags are two of the most important accessories that complete a look. Some people would actually agree that the shoes and bag should match, saying that it brings a neat and sophisticated look to the outfit. I although on the other would say that it really does not matter. Yea when you match your shoes to your bag, it does make the outfit look much more neat and sophisticated.

This matching is also a hot trend now. Coordinating and matching, wearing same colour or design clothes, bags and shoes, matching the entire outfit. It does look really stylish and also gives a really sophisticated look as well. I is said that you should not match your outfit to your accessories, but that is completely a myth! You can match your outfits to your accessories as much as you like.  The latest trends all have their accessories matching to their outfits so if you want to match your accessories, go ahead with it! 

Do share what you guys think about it as well!


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