Fashion media itself plays an enormous role in the fashion industry. In the past few years, fashion media has changed a lot, paving the way to new forms of media and interaction. Earlier glossy magazines and catwalk shows were the most popular ways to present fashion to us. Years ago, magazines were known to be the bible for fashion inspiration and seasonal must-haves. In the early 2000s, blogs became the next popular form of fashion media. The latest fashion trends were all marketed through these blogs with people engaging with the bloggers as well. Many things have changed since the launch of Instagram in 2010.

Today in 2021, Instagram and other social media platforms are the most important fashion media. Marketing ways in the fashion industry have changed a lot too. Social media today has become a place for people to know about the latest trends, the different styles, and to interact with them, with simply an internet connection. Through access to social media, we can now choose what content of fashion we are exposed to. Catwalk shows are still a part of the fashion media but in a more fluid and interactive manner. Through social media, designers and creators of the fashion industry are able to present their work to a global audience and are able to connect with them. The benefit of interacting with a global audience is that they are able to create awareness and spread their work globally.

I believe that social media is the most important form of fashion media. Today digital media is more popular as it has no restrictions, whereas print media is limited to a place, country, and language. Among all other digital media, social media is more interactive and people are able to voice their honest and impartial opinion, hence it is the strongest media. Social media helps get the fashion works to not only a limited audience but a much larger global audience. Therefore, we not only know the fashion trends of our own country but also international trends. We are able to get fashion inspiration from other countries as well. With the advancement of online translation tools, fashion media is able to reach a wider audience. Due to the global economy and no limitation in the digital media, different cultural products are very popular now.

Through social media, the fashion industry has been able to reach an enormous audience easily than what was possible years ago. Social media influencers have also played a part in presenting the fashion industry to the audience. Brands now use a lot of these fashion influencers to market their products to this large audience. It is a fact that through social media the fashion industry has influenced our lives much more. Due to all these different fashion trends on social media, the fashion industry is showing us a great shift in its inspirations and latest trends. This industry will keep growing much more through digital media in the near future as more advancements come.


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